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Lavanya Karthik Middle Grade Fiction Mango Books The mysterious BigA, leader of the group on, steers the group through stormy discussions at night. Who is this BigA and why […]

Laugh Out Loud, Apoorva!

Lavanya Karthik Middle Grade Fiction Mango Books In the new school year Apoorva has to deal with a new class teacher, new students and new jokes about her. Apoorva’s decision […]

How Pranav Went to School

Dileep Chinchalkar Picture Books Eklavya How does Amma prepare Pranav for school? Suitable for: 3+ years, Preschoolers, Early Readers, Storytelling, Read Aloud Buy now Themes School Friends Animals Being You […]

Dear Aunty

Lavanya Karthik Middle Grade Fiction Mango Books When Apoorva Joshi is asked to be the secret Agony Aunt and offer solutions to the letters written by her schoolmates, she is […]

Apoorva’s Fat Diary

Lavanya Karthik Middle Grade Fiction Mango Books Twelve-year-old Apoorva Joshi has been asked to keep a diary. She agrees on the condition that she will only write about the twelve […]

Amma’s Toolkit

Ashwini Hiremath Picture Books Pratham Books When Mini and Tara’s home is flooded because of a broken pipe in the bathroom, Amma comes to the rescue. What’s in Amma’s toolkit? […]

Pranav, What Shape Would You Be?

Ambika Karandikar Picture Books ZooBoo An exciting way to introduce your child to the world of shapes! With every page your little one will learn a new shape in a […]

Guddu’s Photo

Zeel Sanghvi Picture Books Tulika Books Guddu’s mother wants to take a photo of him. But Guddu will not smile! A child’s toys come to life in this fun bilingual […]

Where Shall I Paint?

Anupama Iyer Picture Books Tulika Books Pranav loves to paint pictures — of flowers, cars and mountains in red, blue, green and yellow. But now his book is full! As […]

When Amma Went to School

Ruchi Shah Picture Books Pratham Books Meera’s mother went to her school one day, but everyone was missing – Meera, her friends, the teachers, even the Principal. Where had they […]