October 2022

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Just A Tiny Scratch

Just A Tiny Scratch To what lengths would you go to be accepted in a group? The boy in this story finds himself being made welcome by the group he […]

How Pranav Celebrated His Birthday

How Pranav Celebrated His Birthday One day Pranav had a birthday. In the evening he had a party.  All his friends from school came to the party. His mother decorated […]

Granny Summer

Granny Summer Summer means a long break from school,  games with cousins and usually, if you are lucky,  some thrilling story sessions with your grandmother. But perhaps children today have […]

Ravana, Defeated

Ravana, Defeated Dussera  is an Indian festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Ten days of festivities and good food end with the destruction of evil,  symbolized by […]

A Secret For Me

A Secret For Me A secret is often a truth waiting to be revealed. But what if you hugged the secret to yourself and enjoyed it because of how special […]

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Friends are forever. Or are they? Here’s a story about losing a friend…and finding her again!  “Aren’t you excited? We are going to take the class photo […]

First Day Back at School

First Day Back at School   We all try to get out of things that we don’t like. But does this really help us?      “All ready for the […]

Can You Mew Like A Cat?

Can You Mew Like A Cat? What do you do with people who love to boast? Sometimes a simple question can put an end to their boasting!    When Shyam […]

The Sister of My Dreams

The Sister of My Dreams We are often disappointed when our dreams for the future are not fulfilled. What if we get what we need in place of things and […]

Remember Me?

Remember Me? Our perception of ourselves is often limited and sometimes harshly unfair. At such times, it helps to see ourselves through the eyes of the people around us!  “Guess […]