About Me

I am a writer, storyteller, educator and curriculum developer. And I love everything about being a writer! I like dreaming up stories and I absolutely love bringing them to life. Of course, in the perfect world I would like to see my book published the month after I finished writing it. Sadly, the world of publishing doesn’t run to the rules of my dream world. Which means that I have to wait ages to hear back about my  manuscripts.  And sometimes these mails carry the bad news that my story has been rejected.

This happens more often that you could imagine. It happens to me and it happens to every other writer. But I go back to my desk and start work on the next story.

People often wonder if I spend all my time writing stories. I do spend a fair amount of my waking hours thinking of stories, planning them and writing them. But there are other things I do too!

Here’s a list of just some of them!

The world is full of people who dream of writing – children, adults, teachers, homemakers, they all want to write! But most of them don’t know how to go about it. That’s where I come in, with workshops tailor made to the needs of my students. Interested? You can learn more about them here.

I do readings and storytelling sessions at libraries and children’s literature festivals.

Want to invite me to do a session? Write to me.

I visit schools and interact with children there. You can get more details of my sessions here.

I have worked on school and university level textbooks, and I write stories for textbooks and educational apps.

I administer The Story Clinic, a space where I offer editorial feedback on the writings of other authors.

Have a story you’d like a second opinion on? Write to me here.

I have contributed entries on 21 Indian authors and illustrators to the Oxford Encyclopaedia of Children’s Literature, edited by Jack Zipes and published by Oxford University Press, New York.

I have also contributed a survey essay on Indian Children’s Writing in India to the Indian Writing in English Online, an Open Educational Resource hosted by the University of Hyderabad.