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Not my Long Blue Skirt

Darshika Varma Picture Books Ms Moochie How many things can one long blue skirt be? Suitable for: 3+ years, Preschoolers, Early Readers, Storytelling, Read Aloud Themes Socio-Emotional Learning Family Being […]

Pranav’s Picture

Vishwajyoti Ghosh Picture Books Tulika Books Pranav says he is drawing a picture. But his mother sees nothing on the page! What is Pranav drawing? The narrative and freewheeling illustrations […]

Prince Zafar’s Very Important Notebook

Suvidha Mistry Picture Books Children's Book Trust Prince Zafar has a notebook. And this notebook is very important. What happens when Prince Zafar cannot find his very important notebook?  Suitable […]

What Will You Give Me?

Francesco Manetti Picture Books Karadi Tales Sameer is bored. Whatever Amma gives him, he exhausts its possibilities in minutes. Can Amma find something to keep Sameer occupied? Find out in […]

The Most Beautiful Hands

Aslam Bashir Picture Books Oxford University Press It is raining and Seema and her mother are in their little house. That’s when Seema sees the most beautiful hands in the […]

What Could it Be?

Francesco Manetti Picture Books Karadi Tales There’s a package waiting for Sameer – what could it be? No matter what it is, Sameer is sure of one thing: his imagination […]

Sometimes Mama, Sometimes Papa

Upamanyu Bhattacharyya Picture Books Puffin Books  When Keya’s parents stopped living together, unusual things happened. Keya became the only girl in her class with two homes. This heart-warming story with […]

What Will I Be?

Francesco Manetti Picture Books Karadi Tales Sameer knows that he can be anyone! But there’s one thing that will never change. Find out what that is as you accompany Sameer […]

Chhotu and the Big Wind

Tanvi Bhat Picture Books Tulika Books Playtime on the terrace takes a turn when a strong wind sweeps Chhotu off his feet and carries him up and away to the […]

Hungry on the Steps

Nirzara Verulkar Picture Books Pratham Books Pranav is hungry. As he climbs up the steps to his house slowly, many others join the line behind him. Who can make him […]