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Letters from MOM

Nonfiction Children's Book Trust The Mars Orbiter Mission was special for many reasons. This book uses letters to help the young reader travel through the months of preparation, the challenges […]

Sahir and the Superfast Monster

Hasan Raza Chapter Books Oxford University Press Sahir loves trains. But things change when he sees the terrifying superfast monster. Now Sahir wants to keep away from the station. But […]

Mini’s Questions

Isha Nagar Chapter Books HarperCollins Mini is back! And this time she’s full of questions. Inspired by her class teacher, Ritu Miss, to ask questions to learn more about the […]

Mini’s Money

Isha Nagar Chapter Books HarperCollins Mini’s Money, the first in the new Mini series of chapter books, is about a five-year-old girl who is gifted some money on Dussehra. The […]

Mini’s Books

Isha Nagar Chapter Books HarperCollins Mini is Back! This time with her favourite bunch of books! Known to be a curious child, six-year-old Mini can’t get enough of her new […]