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Mini is back! And this time she’s full of questions. Inspired by her class teacher, Ritu Miss, to ask questions to learn more about the world, five-year-old Mini keeps her family busy with her why and where, when and who. But when these very questions take on a life of their own, her family sits up and notices and, in short, learns the importance of Mini’s Questions! Read this second story in the charming Mini series to find out how Mini helped solve a mystery simply by asking the right questions!


Suitable for: 5+ years, Read Aloud, Storytelling, Newly Independent Readers


Awards & Recognition

  • Mini’s Questions was on the Parag Honour List 2021.


“Do you ask too many questions? If you don’t, then maybe you should. This is what Ritu Miss tells Mini in the delightfully written story in which Mini’s questions solve a mystery. This book will put a smile on your face and nspire you to ask many questions of your own!” – Jury of the Parag Honour List 2021 

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