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Granny Summer

Granny Summer Summer means a long break from school,  games with cousins and usually, if you are lucky,  some thrilling story sessions with your grandmother. But perhaps children today have […]

The Sister of My Dreams

The Sister of My Dreams We are often disappointed when our dreams for the future are not fulfilled. What if we get what we need in place of things and […]

The Perfect Birthday Gift

The Perfect Birthday Gift We often take the people close to us for granted, until they manage to surprise us in the most unexpected way.  Most people enjoy their birthdays […]

The Magic of Sun and Sand

The Magic of Sun and Sand   Overcoming our fears often yields great riches. In this story it yields something unexpected and  magical!    The Magic of Sun and Sand […]

Raima and Rehan

Abdul Malik Channa Picture Books Oxford University Press A story about siblings and the competition between them. Suitable for: 3+ years, Preschoolers, Early Readers, Storytelling, Read Aloud​ Themes Siblings Family […]

Mini’s Money

Isha Nagar Chapter Books HarperCollins Mini’s Money, the first in the new Mini series of chapter books, is about a five-year-old girl who is gifted some money on Dussehra. The […]

Lavanya Karthik Middle Grade Fiction Mango Books The mysterious BigA, leader of the group on, steers the group through stormy discussions at night. Who is this BigA and why […]

Laugh Out Loud, Apoorva!

Lavanya Karthik Middle Grade Fiction Mango Books In the new school year Apoorva has to deal with a new class teacher, new students and new jokes about her. Apoorva’s decision […]

Don’t Tell Your Mother

Middle Grade Fiction Juggernaut When Ritu returns to the house of her childhood, she’s not prepared for the memories of the past that come flooding back. Tangled up with memories […]