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Where Did it Go?

Sreeja Basu Picture Books Tulika Books What did Kabir find and where did it go? Will he find it again? Graphic visuals add an interactive dimension to this lost-and-found story. […]

Raima and Rehan

Abdul Malik Channa Picture Books Oxford University Press A story about siblings and the competition between them. Suitable for: 3+ years, Preschoolers, Early Readers, Storytelling, Read Aloud​ Themes Siblings Family […]

Amma’s Toolkit

Ashwini Hiremath Picture Books Pratham Books When Mini and Tara’s home is flooded because of a broken pipe in the bathroom, Amma comes to the rescue. What’s in Amma’s toolkit? […]

The Great River Magic

Lavanya Karthik Middle Grade Fiction Scholastic Join Sangeeta, Neeta and Dutta on a magical quest that teaches them to cherish the magic in the world around them. A lip-smacking, racy, […]

Pranav, What Shape Would You Be?

Ambika Karandikar Picture Books ZooBoo An exciting way to introduce your child to the world of shapes! With every page your little one will learn a new shape in a […]

My House

Sreekanth Raj Picture Books Tulika Books Pranav wants Maya to come to his house.  “Why?” Maya wants to know. Bright pictures form a cheery backdrop to a narrative that sees […]

When Amma Went to School

Ruchi Shah Picture Books Pratham Books Meera’s mother went to her school one day, but everyone was missing – Meera, her friends, the teachers, even the Principal. Where had they […]

The Most Beautiful Hands

Aslam Bashir Picture Books Oxford University Press It is raining and Seema and her mother are in their little house. That’s when Seema sees the most beautiful hands in the […]

The Biggest Shop in the World

Picture Books Oxford University Press Nadia Aunty is sure the biggest shop in the world will have the perfect birthday gift for Tahir. But Tahir wants something different for his […]

What Could it Be?

Francesco Manetti Picture Books Karadi Tales There’s a package waiting for Sameer – what could it be? No matter what it is, Sameer is sure of one thing: his imagination […]