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Diwali, a New Way

Diwali, a New Way There were ninety-one children in Venus Housing Society and for the most part their lives ran parallel to that of the adults.  Except in the meeting […]

Inspiring Women, Inspiring Tales

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash Inspiring Women, Inspiring Tales There were many things Abhi enjoyed about school. Homework was not one of them.  ‘I don’t mind normal homework,’ he […]

In a Tiger’s Skin

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash In a Tiger’s Skin Abhi hid a yawn as Sumana Miss told them about conservation and why it was necessary.  No that […]

Independence Tales

Independence Tales It was a daily ritual, the walk to the bus stop. And Dadaji and Vivek used it to exchange news, share jokes and generally make a good beginning […]

The Man Who Kept His Promises

The Man Who Kept His Promises Published as Promises to keep, 29th September 2017 in Young World, The Hindu  September 4th, 1887 was the day of my release. Or so […]

Mahatma Gandhi Laughed!

Mahatma Gandhi Laughed! ‘Why do I have to be Mahatma Gandhi?’ Amit demanded. ‘Why can’t I be Nehru?’   Startled, Amma asked, ‘What happened?’ ‘Our teachers want a special celebration for […]

A Flag for Independence Day

A Flag for Independence Day Shubham and Sahit had just settled down to work when Grandpa wandered in. And just like he always did, he asked, ‘What are you up […]

Better with Salt

Better With Salt For days the people of Gajera village had discussed nothing but a man called Bapu. Lalita wondered about Bapu and why his coming was causing so much […]

Letters from MOM

Nonfiction Children's Book Trust The Mars Orbiter Mission was special for many reasons. This book uses letters to help the young reader travel through the months of preparation, the challenges […]