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Neeraj’s mother is making chapatis and she’s given him a handful of the dough. What should he make with it?

A snake?

A mouse?

A cat?

But what if his creations come to life? “Roll it up, quick! ” says his mother. Roll it, he does, and makes a big round chapati– hot, light, and puffy after it’s cooked, perfect for snacking.

What Shall I Make?
is a playful story about a child’s imagination and the satisfaction that comes from cooking with his mother.

Suitable for: 3+ years, Preschoolers, Early Readers, Storytelling, Read Aloud


Awards & Recognitions

  • What Shall I Make? was named an Outstanding Book by the United States Board on Books for Young Readers in 2010
  • What Shall I Make? is on the list of recommended reading, curated by the Central Board of Secondary Education in India

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