Soumya Menon

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Drip, drip, drip! It’s raining… What happens when seven animals have to share one small umbrella?

Cheery pictures liven up this old folktale about sharing, retold with a twist.

Suitable for: 3+ years, Preschoolers, Early Readers, Storytelling, Read Aloud



The rain, familiar animals, and the recurring theme in the narrative – are all elements that appeal to the target age group, as is the improbability of the motley menagerie’s compatibility with each other… Woven in is the theme of sharing; how something can be shared even when it seems difficult… Pictures by Soumya Menon add to the charm of this book – the simple, unfussy drawings suggest an art session with the little reader. Counting, learning about common animals – so many things can be done with this book. 


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