The Polka-Dot Umbrella and Others

Middle Grade Fiction Children's Book Trust ‘Dear Diary’ in The Polka-Dot Umbrella and Others is the story of Tara, a reluctant diary writer who only begins writing because her teacher […]

When Mommy Was a Little Girl

Abhilasha Khatri Middle Grade Fiction Ponytale Books This collection brings together various tales of what Mommy did when she was a little girl! Suitable for: 9+ years, Confident Readers Buy […]

Thank God It’s Caturday!

Sonal Gupta Vaswani Middle Grade Fiction Red Panda Move over Friday, it’s Caturday! A day to celebrate Cool cats with stories by some of India’s foremost Children’s authors. This beautifully […]

The Puffin Book of Holiday Stories

Proiti Roy Picture Books Tulika Books Fourteen brilliant stories that celebrate the best time of the year-the holidays. Hop, skip and err . . . stumble through your vacations!   This […]

Let’s Play!

Middle Grade Fiction Puffin Hockey, table tennis, cricket, golf and basketball; winners, losers, underdogs, bullies, heroes and cheats Let’s Play! The Puffin Book of Sports Stories has them all, and […]

The Story School

Middle Grade Fiction Talking Cub Maymo is an orphan girl growing up in Joshi Ma’s home for children in Songarh. The day she turns eleven, Maymo discovers that she is […]

Just A Tiny Scratch

Just A Tiny Scratch To what lengths would you go to be accepted in a group? The boy in this story finds himself being made welcome by the group he […]

How Pranav Celebrated His Birthday

How Pranav Celebrated His Birthday One day Pranav had a birthday. In the evening he had a party.  All his friends from school came to the party. His mother decorated […]