The Story Clinic

Welcome to the Story Clinic!

What is The Story Clinic?

The Story Clinic is a space meant exclusively for children’s writers who need help with a story.

Who can benefit from the Story Clinic?

Anyone can. If you have always dreamt of writing for children but don’t know how to begin, a consultation with the Story Clinic will help you identify where and how you can start your writing journey.
If you written have a story but are not sure if you should send it to a publisher, a session at the Story Clinic will help with detailed feedback.
If you are stuck, unsure about how to take your story forward, the Story Clinic will offer suggestions on making the most of your idea.

Who is the facilitator at the Story Clinic?

The Story Clinic is run by Nandini Nayar. Nandini Nayar is the award-winning author of over 50 books for children of all ages. Her picture books have been published by Tulika, Karadi, Eklavya, Pratham, Ms Moochie, Children’s Book Trust and Oxford University Press. Her books for older children have been published by Mango, Puffin, Scholastic, HarperCollins, Children’s Book Trust, Juggernaut and Speaking Tiger. She has published over 300 short stories in various children’s magazines like Tinkle, Dimdima, The Children’s Magazine, Children’s World and in newspapers like The Hindu, Sakal Times and Deccan Herald.

Nandini Nayar also offers creative writing classes for young writers and adults.

How do I set up a consultation with Nandini Nayar at the Story Clinic?

It’s very simple! Write to us here. In your mail, please do mention

– Your writing background
– What stage your story idea is
– What you expect from the consultation with Nandini Nayar

We will get back to you with the consultation charges. Please note that these charges are based on the level of help you will require and are therefore customised for each writer.