Picture Books

These are books with a simple storyline and plenty of illustrations, meant for children up to six years.

Writing a picture book story is a little bit like walking a tightrope because the story has to be short, funny and intelligent enough for children to like. The strangest things have inspired me to write picture book stories – making rotis, a big brown box, an umbrella, mangoes, even string!

Here’s a list of all the picture books I’ve written.

  1. Pranav’s Picture. Tulika Publishers.
  2. What Shall I Make? Tulika Publishers.
  3. Where is Amma? Tulika Publishers.
  4. What did you see? Tulika Publishers.
  5. Where did it go? Tulika Publishers.
  6. Guddu’s Photo. Tulika Publishers.
  7. My Grandfather’s Stick. Tulika Publishers.
  8. The Red Umbrella. Tulika Publishers.
  9. My House. Tulika Publishers.
  10. Neelu’s Big Box. Tulika Publishers.
  11. When Amma Went to School. Pratham Books.
  12. Pranav’s First Day at School. Eklavya.
  13. How Pranav Went to School. Eklavya.
  14. What Could it be? Karadi Tales.
  15. What Will I be? Karadi Tales.
  16. Where Shall We Go? Karadi Tales.
  17. What Will You Give Me? Karadi Tales.
  18. The Biggest Shop in the World. Oxford University Press.
  19. Raima and Rehan. Oxford University Press.
  20. Tariq’s Surprise. Oxford University Press.
  21. Where Shall I Paint? Tulika Publishers.
  22. Chotu and the Big Wind. Tulika Publishers.


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