Just out

It’s been a busy year! And I am happy to share my new books with the world.


Here comes Mini! The Mini series are about a mighty little girl.

Mini has some money and doesn’t know what to do with  it. Join Mini as she decides where her money will go!

Minis Money


Announcing the arrival of my 28th picture book! What happens when Princess Uma’s favourite long blue skirt is given away?

not my long blue skirt


Yet another picture book! This one featuring a hungry boy, rushing up the steps and followed by a variety of equally hungry animals!

hungry on the steps


The Phantom claims there is a ghost in the house. How does it feel to live with a guest no one can see?


living with the ghost

I return to my favourite genre with this collection of ghost stories! If you are the kind of person who enjoys small doses of horror, then this is the book for you.

the house he haunted



Seema is a mehendi artist whose lovely designs make hands look beautiful. What happens when she discovers the most beautiful pair of hands?



Sweets, sweets and more sweets. If you love the syrupy sweetness of Indian mithais, then this book is for you! Chetan Sharma’s charming illustrations are amazing!



Summer Camp! Who would ever have imagined it could be such  sweet fun? The bright, energetic cover is only a teaser…the monster fun lies within!



What happens when Amma goes away? This story, that celebrates girl power, is full of the kind of detailed illustrations that will keep young readers occupied for hours.

Amma's Toolkit


Mouse lives by himself in a little house. What happens when an unexpected visitor drops in? Will Mouse have enough for himself and the visitor? Suvidha Mistry’s illustrations bring the miniature world of Mouse to vibrant life!

Mouse and Bear


I get to write about more sweets in this sweet new offering for newly independent readers!





There are plenty of chairs in Meera’s house but she wants a chair of her own. Her grandparents and parents offer various suggestions but none of them suit Meera. Will Meera find the perfect chair?

The Perfect Chair


Vacations and all the fun associated with them – that’s what this anthology is all about. Don’t miss my story, A Summer Diary, in The Puffin Book of Holiday Stories.