Creative Writing Courses

What happens when you spend twenty years of your life writing? Well, books are published, of course. And at the end of twenty years I have over fifty books and over three hundred short stories published.

But something even more interesting happens – you learn the ins and outs of writing, you understand what you can do to make a character leap to life. You recognise the massive amount of thought that goes into deciding the setting of each of your stories and how it impacts them. You acknowledge the enormous power you wield and how you can make people love or hate characters. You realise, in short, how deep and wide your learning and experience has been.  And that’s what made me realise that I was now ready to share these with others, and wave them off on their writing journeys.  And that, in short, is how the creative writing courses were born.

Who are these writing courses for?

They are for anyone who has always dreamt of writing but been too scared to start. They are for both children and adults who keen to hone their writing skills.

The Creative Writing Course for Young Writers

This course introduces children to the mechanics of plotting a story, writing descriptions, dialogues and of course, writing a story.

This is an online class and is constructed around regular homework which helps children try out the techniques learnt in class. The detailed feedback on this homework helps children improve their writing and express themselves more effectively.

Children over 10 years are welcome to enrol in this class.  However, we do ask that parents evaluate their children and enrol them only if they enjoy reading and are interested in writing.

Duration – 2 weeks

Number of classes – 4 classes of 90 minutes each

Takeaway – By the end of the course, participants will have developed the skills to plot a story, write descriptions, dialogues and edit their writing.

How to enrol – Drop us a line here.

Stop Dreaming! Start Writing! with Nandini Nayar

This is a five-week long writing course for adults who are interested in writing for children. The participants will be introduced to various aspects of writing. This includes plotting a story, creating effective characters, writing realistic dialogues and writing the story. Editing and reworking a story to send it off to publishers, and the demands of writing for specific age groups will be discussed too.

Anyone over the age of 18 can enrol in this course. However, those who enjoy reading and have some familiarity with children’s writing are likely to benefit from this course.

Duration – 5 weeks

Number of classes – 4 classes of 120 minutes each + 60  minutes with Ms Sarswathy Rajagopalan, executive editor of Mango Books and publishing consultant + 1 complimentary session with Nandini Nayar at The Story Clinic.

You can get more information about The Story Clinic  here.

Takeaway – By the end of the course participants will have developed the skill to plot a story, create effective characters, realistic dialogues and descriptions. They will also have gained an insight into the demands of different kinds of writing for children.

How to enrol – Drop us a line here.

Shakespeare and Writing with Nandini Nayar

This is a unique course that not only introduces children to the world of the great playwright but also teaches them how best to approach academic writing. So, they might write a letter to a character from the play or a speech given by one of them! These fun writing activities will not only test their Shakespeare knowledge, but also help them write better.

This course is meant for children over 10 years old. We suggest, however, that you evaluate your children’s interest in both learning about Shakespeare and learning how to write effectively, before you enrol them.

Duration – 3 weeks

Number of classes – 6 classes of 90 minutes each

Takeaway – By the end of the course children will have learnt about the world of Shakespeare and six of his plays. In addition, they will be able to write letters, diary entries, interviews, news reports, speeches, articles, descriptions and reviews with confidence and ease.

How to enrol – Drop us a line here.

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