Why the authors and illustrators of children’s books are important?

Ask people about the books they read to their children and they will enthusiastically tell you about their favourite books. They will narrate the story, describe the size and format of the book, the kind of paper used and how well produced it is. But ask them who the author and illustrator are and you will find them strangely clueless. Here’s why you should pay attention to those names on the cover of the book you enjoy so much!

What Shall I Make?

What Shall I Make? was published in 2006. It was a little story that I had made up to entertain my son while I was busy cooking. This story has gone into multiple reprints and is one of the books by which people know me! It was named an outstanding multicultural book by the United States Board on Books for Young Readers, the USBBY, way back in 20100. This book has been published in the UK, USA, Canada and Pakistan.

For me it remains the one book that best captures the memory of a time when I had a toddler who listened in wide-eyed fascination to the stories I spun for him!