It’s absolutely lovely when people who read lots of books read yours and decide it is good enough to be awarded. Here is the list of awards my books have won. 

Mini’s Questions has been nominated for the Neev Book Award 2021.

Mini’s Questions is on the Parag Honour List 2021, a curated list of the best books of the year!


Best of Indian Children’s Writing 2019 – two of my books, Apoorva’s Fat Diary and Camp Sweets were on this list.

Mouse and Bear  and The Perfect Chair won prizes in the competition organised by the Children’s Book Trust in 2016.  

Apoorva’s Fat Diary was judged the most popular book by secondary school children across India, who read it as part of the Leading Reading Schools of India 2016.


Rani Lakshmibai was awarded by the Federation of Indian Publishers in 2011.


What Shall I Make? was named an Outstanding Book by the United States Board on Books for Young Readers in 2010.

What Shall I Make

The House of Fourteen Cats won the second prize in the competition organised by the Children’s Book Trust, India in 2004.

The house of fourteen cats

Books recommended by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

  1. Pranav’s Picture.
  2. What Shall I Make?
  3. Guddu’s Photo.
  4. The House of Fourteen Cats.