Mother’s Day Writing Competition

Dear writers,

I hope you enjoyed writing stories about moms! I can assure you that we enjoyed reading each one of your stories.

Each of us participates in a contest hoping to win. And when you don’t win a prize, you want to know why! So, here are the reasons why your story might not have made it to the list of winning entries –

  1. We asked for a story about mothers. Not an essay, not a biography but a story.
  2. We specified how long the story had to be – 500 words. If your story exceeded this, then you probably lost a chance to be considered for the prize.
  3. If you have sent a story about mothers that is within the word limit but not won a prize, you are probably wondering why. A well-written story should engage the reader, it should show readers what you are trying to say and it should do it in a fun, entertaining way.


There will be other competitions and I hope you will take these as opportunities to write stories. Competitions are a great reason to write, but don’t make them the only reason for writing. Write regularly and remember to edit and rework your story as strictly as any teacher!

Here are some things to remember when writing a story for the next competition.


  1. Read the rules and regulations carefully.
  2. Keep to the word limit specified in the rules.
  3. Submit the story well before the due date.
  4. Send your story in a Microsoft word document.
  5. Leave enough margins and use at least a size 12 font.
  6. Write your name and age on the document.


Do not

  1. Send retellings or translations.
  2. Use someone else’s story and pass it off as your own.
  3. Send mails to the organizers seeking clarifications. Instead, read the rules and regulations carefully. Ask your parents for help if you don’t understand.
  4. Send emails asking if the organizers have received your story or when the results will be out. Remember,  they gave you an opportunity to participate. You should at least give them the chance to read your stories.
  5. Use colours to write and/or highlight your story.
  6. Send your story in the body of an email.


And here are the results of the story writing competition –

The first prize goes to Disha Kumar for her story ‘Papa knows a lot, but Mamma knows everything!’

The second prize goes to Vidyuth for his story ‘The Mystery of the Super Women’.

Congratulations to everyone who wrote a story and sent it in.

Would you like to learn to write stories? Then check out the Creative Writing Courses listed  here and drop us an email asking for details.

We will be in touch with the winners soon.

Keep reading and keep writing!

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