Conversations In My Mind#5



Tea Time, Poetry, Coffee, Reading


Being a writer means you spend a lot of time with just yourself. Even after you have daydreamt to your heart’s content there’s still plenty of time between ideas. And that’s the time my writer’s brain comes up with these conversations with various people, some real, some imagined!  


Conversation with random strangers


Random stranger: Excuse me, is this seat taken?

Me: (looking up from my book) No.

Random stranger: Do you mind if I look at your book?

Me: (holding out the book with bad grace) Sure, go ahead.

Random stranger: Hmmm, it’s a good book. But not as good as another author I read recently. Have you heard of (and then mentions the name of my latest book)?

Me: (hardly able to believe my ears) Yes, is it any good?

Random stranger: Absolutely stunning. Such a well-written book! And  the characters…the dialogues… they are astounding.

Me: And…?

Random stranger: I’ve read it already three times. And gifted it to at least ten people.

Me: (in a rush) Actually, it’s my book. I mean, I am the author of that book!

Random stranger: (staring) What? Really? You must be joking?

Me: I am not. I am the author of the book.

Random stranger: Wow! Just…wow! Can we take a picture together? And I have a copy of the book with me, could you sign it please? And will you mind if I share the picture? And…

Me: (smiling) Yes, of course!


And here’s what happens when reality steps in.

Random stranger: Oh, you are reading.

Me: Yes, I am.

Random stranger: What do you do?

Me: I write books. For children. I am a writer.

Random stranger: (letting out small scream) Nooooo!

Me: (shocked, surprised and a little scared) Yes, that’s what I do.

Random stranger: Can you imagine the coincidence? I am a writer too!

Me: Huh? Really?

Random stranger: And for children!

Me: What books have you written?

Random stranger: Oh, I haven’t written them yet. But I have lots of amazing ideas. One of these days I am going to sit down and write them all out. Then you’ll see how well I write!

Me: (speechless)  !!!

Random stranger: And what have you written?

Me: Two books are being edited and my first book is in press. It will be out any day.

Random stranger: Isn’t that amazing?  As soon as I write my story, my book will be out too. We are so so similar, you and I!

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