Conversations In My Mind#2


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Being a writer means you spend a lot of time with just yourself. Even after you have daydreamt to your heart’s content there’s still plenty of time between ideas. And that’s the time my writer’s brain comes up with these conversations with various people, some real, some imagined!  

Conversation with a random person in a bookstore who just happens to be standing by a shelf with your books on it.

This is how it plays out in my imagination.

Me: Hi! Are you looking for books for children?

Random shopper: Erm, yes. Do you…could you possibly help me?

Me: Oh, yes. I would love to. You see, I happen to be a children’s writer.

Random shopper:  As in…you have actually written books for children?

Me: Yes. Here! These are some of my books.

Random shopper: Wow! You are a writer. A famous writer.

Me: (being as modest as I can be) Oh, I wouldn’t say that. But yes…I am pretty well known. In certain circles, of course.

Random shopper: I’ve never met a live author. And these are the books you have written? I am buying them all.

Me: But don’t you want to look at them and…

Random shopper: Whatever for?

Me: Well, to make sure, that your children will like them and…

Random shopper: Why would I do that when a real author has suggested what I buy? I am going to buy all your books. I own a chain of schools and I am going to stock all your books in the libraries there. And, I’d like to invite you to the school. To, you know, inspire the children. I know you must be very busy but do you think you could?

Me: Yes, of course. Anything for a book lover.


And here’s what reality does to the above conversation!

Me: Hi! Are you looking for books?

Random shopper: What else would I be doing in a bookshop?

Me: Oh, I only asked so I could help you pick books for your children and…

Random shopper: I don’t really need any help.

Me: Yes, of course. But you see, I am a children’s writer. And here are my books. All 22 of them. They are pretty popular among children. And some of them have won awards too and…

Random shopper: Hmmm, they look kind of interesting. But do you know the most interesting books for children? They are written by this absolutely amazing writer called S S. You must have read her books.

Me: No, I can’t say I have ever heard of this author.

Random shopper: Oh, you must read her books. She writes so well. Such simple prose, such strong messages.  Here, this is her most famous book. You can start with this.

Me: Um…maybe some other time. Bye.


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