Conversations In My Mind #1


Son, Mother, Child, Parent, Young, Kid



Being a writer means you spend a lot of time with just yourself. Even after you have dreamt to your heart’s content there’s still plenty of time between ideas. And that’s the time my writer’s brain comes up with these conversations with various people, some real, some imagined!  


Conversation with my son

This was in the days when my son was much younger and spent a good chunk of his day gaining an education and acquiring mysterious streaks of sticky black stuff on his face, hands, and clothes! I thought he knew what I did for a living and hoped he would talk about it to people at school. This was how I imagined a conversation with him on the important topic of what I did for a living would go!

Me: So, how was your day?

Son: It was okay. We discussed jobs and everyone talked about what their parents did.

Me: (heart thudding in pleasant anticipation): And?

Son: And I told them my mother stayed home so she could write amazing stories for children to read and enjoy.

Me: (melting) Oooh! Really!

Son: Yes, I told them you were a famous writer and everyone in the whole world had read your stories!


And in reality? This is what happened.

Me: Did you have a good day?

Son: No! I am grumpy and tired. Can you do something to make me feel better?

Me: I have some snacks for you and…

Son: No! Something else.

Me: Umm…oh, you could watch some TV and…

Son: Something better.

Me: I can’t! I am a little tired and…

Son: Tired? But what did you do all day? Didn’t you just lie on the sofa and watch TV? Huh?


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