A Story A Day#25 How Pranav Wore Shirts with Pockets

What are your favourite clothes? What are your reasons for liking them? 

The word of the day is  – Pockets 


How Pranav wore shirts with pockets


One day when Pranav came home from school his mother asked him to change his clothes. She gave Pranav a shirt to wear. Pranav looked at the shirt and said, “I don’t want to wear this shirt! I want something else!”

Pranav’s mother was surprised. “But why?” she asked, “This is a nice shirt! It has got a monkey and a banana on it. And it is blue in colour!”

“Yes,” Pranav said, “It is blue in colour and I like the monkey and the bananas on the shirt. But I want to wear something else!”

Then Pranav’s mother pulled out a T-shirt with cars racing on the front and the back. “I am sure you want to wear this T-shirt,” she said, showing Pranav the T-shirt. But Pranav shook his head. “No,” he said, “I don’t want that T-shirt either!”

So Pranav’s mother pulled out another T-shirt and when Pranav said no to it, she pulled out a green T-shirt, a yellow one and even an orange one. But Pranav said no to all of them. Pranav’s mother looked at all the clothes which Pranav had not wanted to wear. Then she said, “Why don’t you want these clothes?”

“They are not nice,” Pranav said, “I want a nice shirt!”

“What is wrong with these clothes?” Pranav’s mother asked, surprised.

“They don’t have pockets,” Pranav said, “And I want to wear clothes with pockets in them, so that I can carry all my important papers around with me!”

Then Pranav’s mother found a shirt with two pockets on it. She gave it to Pranav. Pranav was happy. “This shirt is double nice,” he said.

“Why is it double nice?” Pranav’s mother asked, puzzled.

“Because it has two pockets! And I can keep my important papers in them!” Pranav said. And Pranav was happy that he had a shirt with two pockets so that he could carry his important things around with him.


This story was published in Young Buzz, the children’s pages of Sakal Times.

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