A Story A Day #20 How Pranav Enjoyed the Firecrackers

 There are several things about the world that are frightening. How do we deal with  our fears?

The word of the day is – fear!

How Pranav enjoyed the firecrackers

On Diwali day Pranav woke up very early. He was very excited because it was finally Diwali.  He had his bath. Then his mother gave him some sweets to eat.

“What is this sweet?” Pranav asked.

“That is the sweet that you helped me make,” Pranav’s mother said. Pranav ate the sweet. It was delicious.

“I helped make a yummy sweet, didn’t I?” Pranav asked his mother.

“Yes,” his mother agreed.

Pranav enjoyed Diwali very much. There was so much to do. After he finished eating the sweets that he had helped make, Pranav’s mother told him that there would be firecrackers and lamps in the evening. Pranav could hardly wait to see how the lamps looked.

“Ooh!” he said, when all the lamps had been lit.

“Come on Pranav,” his mother said. “It is time to light the firecrackers!”

Already Pranav could hear other people lighting their firecrackers and they sounded very loud. Then his mother started lighting firecrackers in front of the house. Pranav watched from the doorway as the firecrackers went off with loud noises and a lot of light.

“Aren’t they beautiful, Pranav?” his mother asked him.

But Pranav did not reply. His mother turned around and saw that Pranav was not standing in the door.

“Pranav,” she called. “Where are you?”

But there was no answer from Pranav. His mother went into the house to look for Pranav. He was not playing with his cars and she didn’t see him sitting at his table reading his books. She found Pranav under the bed.

“Pranav,” his mother called. Pranav pulled his fingers out of his ears.

“Why are you under the bed?” his mother asked.

“The firecrackers sound very nice here,” Pranav told his mother. “That is why I came here, under the bed!”

And for the rest of the evening Pranav lay under the bed and enjoyed all the firecrackers that went off loudly around him.


This story was published in Young Buzz, the children’s pages of Sakal Times.

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