A Story A DAY #17 How Pranav Made a Roof of His Own


Children ask the strangest questions and often come up with the most innovative solutions! 

The word of the day is – Innovate!


How Pranav made a roof of his own


Pranav was five years old. He lived in a house with his father and mother.  One day Pranav asked his mother, “What is below our house?”

“Below our house?” Pranav’s mother said. “Below our house is another house!”

“And what is above our house?” Pranav wanted to know.

“Above our house?” Pranav’s mother said. “Above our house is another house!”

“Then where is our roof?” Pranav wanted to know.

“There!” Pranav’s mother pointed to the ceiling. “That is the roof of our house!”

“No,” Pranav shook his head. “That is someone else’s floor! How can that be our roof?”

And then Pranav said, “I want a roof of my own!”

“A roof of your own?” Pranav’s mother said. “How will you get that?”

Pranav thought and thought. He sat in his special place and thought very hard. How could he have a roof of his own? Then he got an idea. He jumped up and went into his room.

“What is this?” Pranav’s mother asked him a little later.

“It’s my umbrella!” Pranav told her, holding the umbrella over his head.

“But why do you have it open?” Pranav’s mother wanted to know. “It is not raining inside the house!”

“This,” Pranav told his mother, “is my roof!”

“Your roof?” Pranav’s mother was surprised.

“Yes,” Pranav told her. “It is not anybody’s floor. It is over my head. It is my own roof!”

And so whenever Pranav wanted his own roof over his head, he opened his umbrella and sat down under it. His very own roof!

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