A Story A Day #14 How Pranav Thought About School

School! Love it or hate it, there’s no way you can stay away. Or is there? 

The word for the day is – School!


How Pranav thought about school


One day Pranav was ill. He didn’t have fever but he simply could not stop coughing. So his mother told him, “You can stay home today!” Pranav was happy. He liked school but staying at home was fun. All that day Pranav coughed and coughed till his chest hurt. In the evening his mother told him, “You can’t go to school tomorrow” and Pranav was happy again. Two days away from school! On the second day he stopped coughing. His mother was happy. “You are better now,” she told Pranav that night. “And you can go to school tomorrow!”

In the morning Pranav’s mother came to wake him up. “Wake up Pranav,” she said. “It is time to go to school!”

But Pranav didn’t want to get up and go to school. And so, even though he was actually awake, he lay there with his eyes closed as if he was asleep.

“Pranav,” his mother called again.

Pranav did not open his eyes. He knew his mother was standing there, staring at him. She stood there for some more time. Then she called out to him again and again, “Pranav! Pranav!”

But Pranav didn’t want to get up. So he lay there with his eyes closed for a long time. Then he slowly opened his eyes. His mother had gone away, thinking he was still asleep. Good! thought Pranav, now I don’t have to go to school!

Just then his mother came back and Pranav closed his eyes. He lay like that for a long time. His mother didn’t say anything. Pranav thought that his mother had gone away. So he opened his eyes slowly. And he saw his mother’s face, very close to his, staring at him. “Why were you lying there with your eyes closed?” Pranav’s mother asked. “I was thinking about school,” Pranav said.

“You don’t have to think about school,” Pranav’s mother told him. “You can get ready and go to school!”

And so Pranav had to open his eyes and stop thinking. And instead of lying in his bed with his eyes closed, he had to get ready and go to school.


This story was published in Young Buzz, the children’s pages of Sakal Times.


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