A Story A Day #12 How Pranav Named Things

A name brings people and things closer. In this story Pranav fills his house with friends by the simple process of naming them! 

The word of the day is – Names! 



How Pranav named things



One day Pranav said to this mother, “I am taking Sanjay for a walk.”

His mother was surprised. “Who is Sanjay?” she asked. “Is he your new friend?”

“Yes,” Pranav laughed. “He is my new friend!”

“Where is he?” Pranav’s mother looked around the room. “I don’t see your Sanjay!”

“My friend Sanjay is red,” Pranav said. “And he has a little basket and a…”

“You mean your new cycle?” Pranav’s mother asked in surprise.

“Yes,” Pranav said. “My cycle is now called Sanjay!”

“Go and enjoy your walk with Sanjay!” Pranav’s mother said. “And come back quickly because it will be time for your dinner and bed!”

“I know,” Pranav nodded. “I told Rishi that I would have dinner with him! And Gautam knows how much I like to lie on him!”

“What?” Pranav’s mother said, looking surprised again. “What did you say?” So Pranav repeated his words. His mother listened carefully and then said, “Rishi is the name you have given the dining table, isn’t it?” Pranav nodded. “And Gautam is your bed!” his mother said and Pranav nodded again. “They are all my friends,” he told his mother. “That is why I decided to name them!”

“That is a good idea,” Pranav’s mother said. “What are the other things that you have named?”

“The study table is Ria,” Pranav said. “And the chair is Piyush. The TV is Monica and the fridge is Sudhanshu.”

“You have a lot of friends in the house now,” Pranav’s mother said.

“Yes,” Pranav nodded. “All my friends are here, in the house. And that is why I feel sad about going out!”

“Why do you feel sad?” Pranav’s mother asked.

“Because I have to leave all my friends and go out,” Pranav said.

“But remember,” Pranav’s mother said. “When you go out, you always come back here, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Pranav nodded.

“So, there is no need to feel sad!” Pranav’s mother smiled.

“Yes,” Pranav said. “I will go out now- so that I can come back and see my friends again!”

And waving good bye to all his friends, Pranav went out.


This story was published in  Young Buzz, the children’s pages of Sakal Times.

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