A Story A Day #9 How Pranav Hid Under The Desk

Young children always find a way to deal with whatever is bothering them. Read this story to see how Pranav deals with his troubles!

The word of the day is – school.



How Pranav Hid Under the Desk


One day Pranav was ill and could not go to school. He liked staying at home with his mother and playing with all his toys. He was not happy about going to school the next day. But when he got to school and saw all his friends he was happy again. He played with his friends and forgot that he had not wanted to come to school. Then the bell rang and they had to go into their classroom. When the teacher came into the classroom, then Pranav saw that all the other children had done some work yesterday. Pranav didn’t know what the work was. And suddenly, he felt scared. What if the teacher scolded him? And without thinking Pranav quickly hid under his desk. He sat there and then he felt safe.

“Pranav,” his teacher called. Pranav heard but he decided not to pay any attention. “Pranav,” his teacher called again but Pranav put his head between his knees and sat there happily, looking at Siddharth’s shoes.

Then his teacher said, “Pranav,” very loudly.  And when Pranav looked up he saw his teacher. She was staring at him.


“Why did you hide under the desk today?” Pranav’s mother asked him that evening.

“I hadn’t done the homework,” Pranav said sadly.

“You should have asked the teacher,” Pranav’s mother said.

“I was scared!” Pranav said.

“But why did you hide under the desk?” his mother asked again.

“I thought… that if I hid under the desk the teacher would not see me,” Pranav explained.

“So?” his mother asked.

“And I thought, if the teacher didn’t see me she wouldn’t be able to scold me,” Pranav said. “Under the desk is a good place to hide,” he explained.

“Yes,” his mother nodded. “It is a very good hiding place. But when you have work to do it is not a good place to hide! And your teacher found you there, didn’t she?”

“Yes,” Pranav said. But he still thinks that under the desk is the best place to hide. What about you? Where do you hide?

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