How Pranav’s Mother Read Him a Story



This is one of my favourite stories about Pranav because it is such a true reflection of the way children behave. Read it aloud to your child and see if you agree.


One day Pranav said to his mother, “Will you read me a story?”

“Yes,” Pranav’s mother nodded. “Which story do you want me to read?”

“The Naughty little boy,” Pranav said. He gave his mother the book.

“Come here,” his mother said. “Sit beside me when I read the story!” So Pranav sat beside his mother and listened to the story.

“The naughty little boy,” Pranav’s mother read, “went out one day. He went to ….”

“No!” Pranav said, “Not like that! You left out ‘The naughty little boy!’”

So Pranav’s mother read again, “The naughty little boy went out one day. The naughty little boy went to the shop. He wanted to buy a …”

“You left out ‘the naughty little boy again!” Pranav told his mother.

“Do you want to listen to the story?” his mother asked him. “I can’t read if you go on talking!”

Pranav wanted to tell his mother that she was not reading the story properly. He wanted to tell his mother that she should read every single word on the page. But if he said that his mother would stop reading the story. So Pranav said nothing. He sat beside his mother and listened as his mother read out the story to him.

“And that,” his mother said at last, “was the end!” She closed the book and put it away.

“Now,” she asked Pranav, “Did you enjoy that story?”

‘Yes,” Pranav nodded, “But you left out many nice bits in the story!”

“Really?” Pranav’s mother was surprised.

“Yes,” Pranav nodded.

“What do you want me to do now?” Pranav’s mother asked him. “Read out all the bits that I left out?”

“Yes,” Pranav told his mother. “You have to say ‘The naughty little boy’ eight times.”

“Eight times?” Pranav’s mother said.

“Yes,” Pranav told her, “If you don’t say that the story will not be funny!”

And so Pranav’s mother said, ‘The naughty little boy’ eight times. And then Pranav laughed because the story was funny.

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