A Pranav Tale



Mothers are magical and this story illustrates the strange powers they possess. Read it to any little ones you can find and you will see their eyes grow wide in awe and respect and yes… recognition.

                     How Pranav’s mother knew what he did at school


Pranav found out one day that his mother had eyes at the back of her head. So she could see whatever Prana did. Now Pranav had to be careful about what he did at home.

One day Pranav ate only half his lunch at school. He friends were going to play and so Pranav put away his lunch box and joined them. That evening his mother asked, “Why didn’t you eat your lunch?”

“There was no time to eat it all,” Pranav explained to his mother.

“Really?” Pranav’s mother asked.

“Yes,” Pranav nodded, “That’s why I brought some back!”

“I think,” said Pranav’s mother, “That you had plenty of time to eat all your lunch. But you were busy playing with your friends. And that is why you were not able to eat your lunch!”

Pranav stared at his mother. She had not come to school during the break. Then how did his mother know that he had been playing and that is why he had not eaten his lunch? Did she have eyes at the school too?

“Am I right?” Pranav’s mother asked him. Pranav had to nod because his mother was right.

“I don’t want you to do this again,” Pranav’s mother told him, “If you finish eating quickly, you will have lots of time to play with your friends!”

The next day at school Pranav’s friends started playing with a ball in the break. “Come on Pranav,” Saket called, “Play with us!” But Pranav shook his head and said, “I have to finish my lunch. I can play with you then!” And he ate as fast as he could, afraid that his mother would see him if he ate only half his lunch. And he found that he had lots of time to play. And then Pranav was happy that he had listened to his mother.

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