The World of Pranav



My first published piece was a short story in the children’s pages of a newspaper. Since then I’ve written many stories for newspapers and children’s magazines. Here are some of them, for your reading pleasure!

There can be no greater joy than reading a story aloud to a squirmy, wriggly child in your lap. To enjoy these stories  –

  • Find a comfortable place.
  • Switch off ALL gadgets except the one on which you are reading the story.
  • Get your children around you. (If your own children are too busy or too old to listen to a story,  borrow your neighbour’s!)
  • Read aloud.

Some years back Sakaal Times carried my stories in their children’s pages. The children’s paper was called Young Buzz and my column, ‘The World of Pranav’. Every week the column presented a new episode in the life of Pranav, a small boy, as he dealt with school and home, friends and parent.


                             How Pranav Won a Race

One day when Pranav went to school his teacher said, “We are going to have a race today! A running race!”

Everyone was happy. They all liked to run and they all liked races. So all of them finished their work quickly and then they went out to run races. Pranav was very happy at the thought of running a race. He and Siddharth always ran races and Pranav enjoyed it very much. This race would be better because all of them were going to run.  All of them first ran around the ground a little. Pranav ran a race all by himself and felt happy. He was sure that he was going to be the fastest person in the class.

Then their teacher called them all and asked them to stand on a line. Then, when she gave a whistle, they were to run. Pranav waited eagerly for his turn. First Anoushka, Brinda, Rakesh and Manish ran. Then Siddharth, Neha, Ashish and Saket ran. Finally it was Pranav’s turn. He stood on the line with his friends.

“Wait for my whistle,” the teacher said and Pranav nodded. Then “Wheee!” the whistle rang out.

And Pranav began running. He ran very fast. He didn’t wait to see what the others were doing. His legs moved up and down and his hands moved hard too. Then Pranav saw the steps leading to his classroom. He ran up the steps. The classroom was empty. Only the school bags and the water bottles and the lunch baskets stood there. On the walls all the charts and pictures waited.

Pranav ran to his seat and sat there. He was very happy. He had run the race well. And he had come first. And Pranav sat there in the empty classroom, happy because he had come first in the race. In the ground his friends were playing games now and Pranav was missing them.  But Pranav didn’t mind. He had won a race. And he was happy.


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